Welcome to Adapt, Mitigate, Survive – a survivalist’s approach to the challenges we will all face in the coming decades as climate change really begins to bite world-wide. I’ve started this blog as large parts of the UK, my home and native country, lie under flood-waters, rail-links have been interrupted and in one case destroyed by storm damage, and billions of pounds of property, agricultural and business damage have been sustained across wide swathes of the country.

I’ve been aware of the problem of climate change for a good few years now, but in the last 12 months I’ve really been studying the subject intensively, trying to understand what I and my family (and many others) may face in the remainder of my lifetime. More importantly, I’m trying to work out how I, and we, can best adapt to changes we can’t prevent, mitigate changes where we can, and survive the immense challenge of global climate change if we can.

It’s going to be a very bumpy ride in the next three or four decades. I hope you’ll read my thoughts and that they’ll prove useful for helping others form their own plans to adapt, mitigate and survive. Please explore what I’ve written to date via the menu above and check back in the future for updates and progress reports!

Welcome aboard!


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