Another Small Hop for Food Security….

I’m quite excited – tomorrow I should be picking up rabbit buck no.2 – a New Zealand White named Samson who’s already 23 weeks, so old enough to start “work”.

NZWs are one of the specialist meat breeds, developed to grow fast and reach a good weight quickly, and like that other superlative commercial breed, the Californian, they’re docile, calm and generally good-natured. They’re also all albino so there’s less trouble with anyone in the household getting “attached” to a particularly cute one. They all look pretty much of a muchness.

Fingers crossed, there will be photos of Samson settling in tomorrow evening!

I’m still waiting for a couple of unrelated NZW does to come from a breeder I know in Ayrshire, but once they arrive (hopefully, soon!) we should be getting into the swing of things pretty quickly. Trudy is nearly old enough to mate now and once Samson’s through his month’s quarantine, speed-dating bunny-style will be on the calendar!



5 thoughts on “Another Small Hop for Food Security….

    • Guess I’m lucky! He’s as friendly and placid as all the other NZWs I’ve met over the past 40-odd years around rabbits. Maybe US NZWs are different from the UK ones? I know several rabbit breeds either side of the Atlantic share the same names but have totally different breed standards and temperaments.

      • That’s quite possible. Here in the US in a decade around rabbits, I have found that only the pet breeds take temperament into hard consideration. The meat breeds are anywhere from super crazy to super chill and you get all types! You don’t even need to handle them much if they’re being shown because they just go sit in a tiny box that keeps them in almost the perfect position constantly. Just got to get them to and from the table.

      • That’s interesting – so US rabbit shows don’t handle the rabbits much? I don’t show but all the (few) shows I’ve been to, the rabbits have been in reasonably big cages (big enough for a couple of hops in any direction), with a water bottle and some hay, and the judges handle the rabbits for a good couple of minutes per rabbit. Any rabbit that doesn’t handle well is disqualified straight off. The NZWs and Calis here are largely backyard meat/lab supply bred so temperament is important. Over here it’s the unscrupulous pet shops that put out the bad-tempered bunnies.

      • Yeah, I have some very ill-tempered rabbits specifically from show lines for 4H and ARBA. In fact, I’ve never had crazier rabbits than these three! One of them backflips and kicks with hind feet anyone who comes into his cage but me and bites fingers poking through. The other two growl and lunge. My back yard meaties with no show history are the chill ones…

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