Radish and Rabbits

I pulled my first radish on the allotment yesterday – young, tender, crunchy and delicious. It feels symbolic, to have harvested the first item from the allotment, and hopefully things will improve from here! I also brought home a sack full of weeds so the rabbits and chickens had a feast.

The potatoes that were frost-nipped have now recovered and put up fresh foliage and yesterday we also planted out borecole and a few more onions. Borecole has done very well for us in the past and the bunnies and chooks enjoy eating it as much as we do so we’ve put out about 40 plants – some in the garden here and some on the allotment – in the hopes of having a plentiful supply.

Trudy the rex doe had her first encounter with Samson the NZW buck on Friday – it’s always fun when both parties haven’t a clue what to do but a bit of quick rearrangement of Trudy  (by me) saw Samson pointed in the right direction and the mating looked successful. I put them together again this morning and had to separate them again quickly as Trudy tried her best to kick the stuffing out of poor Samson – typical rabbit behaviour! They may be cute and cuddly but nobody said they were nice! It’s a clue that she is indeed in kindle (pregnant) so the dates are on the calendar and she’ll be getting her nestbox and nesting material in due course. With a first litter you never know if the doe will deal competantly with her babies or not – they usually do –  but fingers crossed Trudy turns out a good mum. If she flunks the first time, she’ll get a second chance. Very often a bunny who makes a total muff of the first litter gets her act together for the second.


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