Return of the Feisty Ferret!

Readers may remember that, almost a month ago, I lost one of my ferrets after bad weather damaged their cage. I had given up all hope for my little jill Fursty but a couple of days ago the village grapevine passed on a rumour that the SSPCA had picked up a stray ferret on the other side of the village.

I phoned the SSPCA (Scottish Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals) and they confirmed that they had indeed picked up a smallish jill ferret at the end of April, and an exchange of emails and photos confirmed that their stray was my lost Fursty! She’d managed to survive without human assistance for two weeks and, apart from a chipped canine tooth, was in perfect health when they collected her. I drove to the Aberdeenshire rehoming centre yesterday and picked her up (leaving a healthy donation in exchange, of course!) and reunited her with her brother. They took one look at each other and started some mutual grooming, then curled up in the nestbox together, just like old times. I’ve never known how long a ferret’s memory is, but certainly they didn’t look at all as if they’d forgotten each other!

Sleepy morning ferrets!

Sleepy morning ferrets!

This morning they did their normal yawn-stretch-slither routine out of the cage when I opened it. Ferrets are not natural daytime creatures – they’re most active at dawn and dusk with a natural propensity for tunnels and dark corners. Once out of the cage they perk up and play while I clean and refresh food and water – I keep some old sections of clay pipe lying around for them to scamper through and around.

Tag in pipes - a favourite ferret game.

Tag in pipes – a favourite ferret game.

Once they’re awake they usually scurry about examining anything they can find, including any pot plants nearby.They like digging and plantpots give them an ideal place to excavate.

Gardening tips by ferrets....

Gardening tips by ferrets….

I’m glad to report that despite their spirited attempt to repot the rosemary, the plant survived!


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