Bouncing Baby Bunnies

After a quiet couple of weeks building some new rabbit cages (bigger and better!) and waiting for Trudy to provide evidence as to whether she was having babies or just having me on, I gave her a nestbox on Friday last week, which was day 28 after her mating with Samson, and a supply of freshly dried long grass to use as nesting materials. She indulged in an orgy of nest-building on Friday, plucked herself randomly in tufts all over, and then sat next to the box looking smug.

I didn’t poke too much into the nest but I thought it was perhaps just a tad on the shallow side so I gave her some more hay. She ate it.

Anyway, since then she’s been eager to leave her cage every time I open it and has now explored most of the rabbit shed very thoroughly, removing quite a few cobwebs from corners with her whiskers. This morning I went in as usual to feed everyone and she popped out and headed off to chew some of the pipes in the hydroponics system (more about that in another post soon). I did the usual clean-up-and-feed routine with last night’s sprouted barley and this morning’s rabbit pellets, topped up her hay rack and then glanced at the nest.

It wriggled.

So, she’s a mum! Right on time and without any bother. I’m very pleased she’s got on with the job calmly and without any stray babies littering the cage, since first litters are always the ones that take a doe by surprise, and it now just remains to be seen how they grow up. I haven’t poked to see how many she’s had – she’ll raise as many as she raises and there’s nothing I can do about that but give her every chance, so no smelly human paws in her tidy little fur nest! In a  couple of days I’ll count the babies when she’s not looking but for now it’s hands-off and a big sow thistle treat for her for being such a clever little rabbit

We’ve been nurturing a sow thistle by one of the deep beds specially for her. .


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