Quick Update

Only a brief note tonight – yesterday I drove about 500 miles in total and today I’ve walked three dogs, mucked out two horses, taken care of my own beasties (dogs, rabbits, ferrets), done some gardening, house-sat 5 dogs for a client and this evening I’ve had to dig out someone’s terrier that got stuck under a tree in their garden so I’m feeling a little less than bouncing with energy at the moment! The past couple of days seem to have gone past in a long blur.

Yesterday I spent driving down to Glasgow with my daughter, sitting in on a meeting she had there with a counsellor and then trekking on down the M74 to meet a friend in the Abingdon Services, where we took possession of a couple more New Zealand White rabbits, both does. They’re gifts from another friend whom I helped out with advice when he wanted to get into meat rabbit breeding, so now I have 2 unrelated, placid, well-handled and fine-looking does, 6 and 7 months old, and of course my buck Samson, who’s now a proven stud (at the last count Trudy has 6 good-sized babies in her nest, all looking very healthy and she’s turning out a very laid-back, casually competant sort of mum, which is the best sort). Samson isn’t related to the new does at all, so I have a good solid set of blood-lines for the future.

We got home just short of midnight so the new girls were just popped into a cage for the night. This morning they’re looking quite cheerful, they’re eating and drinking well so I’m very pleased with them.

I can’t say the same for Jack Russell terriers who get stuck in rabbit holes, though….


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