Bunny Update

7 days after Trudy’s nest started twitching under the fur, she still has 6 babies, all looking healthy, no longer pink but now snowy white and twice the size they were as newborns. Trudy herself is still being a remarkably laid-back mum – I never see her in the nest though she always has a glance at it after she’s been out, she doesn’t mind me going in the cage to clean out or have a quick peek at the kits, she’s eating like a horse and looks very fit and well (as do her babies!) so I’m very pleased with her.

Trudy's kits - 7 days old

Trudy’s kits – 7 days old

The new does, Jezebel and Delilah, have settled in well. Jezebel was in with Samson yesterday and I’ll put her back in tomorrow for a check to see how she reacts – if she’s unwilling to accept him, then hopefully the next litter will be along in a month.

Jezebel, lurking at the back of her cage.

Jezebel, lurking at the back of her cage.

Delilah, who’s a month younger, will be going in with Samson later.

Delilah, ears akimbo.

Delilah, ears akimbo.



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