Another Bunny Update

Trudy’s kits have opened their eyes today, at 13 days – a couple of them were blinking a bit yesterday but today they’re all looking around and making purposeful trips around the nestbox, rather than randomly staggering about. They all look like rabbits now, with short tails, longer ears and full coats of white satin fur, they’re walking properly and they’re also a nice even litter with everyone being the same size and looking healthy.

Eyes Open!

Eyes Open!

I got some very suspicious looks from Trudy when I stuck my arm and the phone into her nest to take pix today but she decided I wasn’t actively threatening the babies and went back to her fresh dandelions after a few moments.

The babies are still spending most of their time sleeping, of course, but from here on they get increasingly lively and in the next few days they’ll start exploring outside the nestbox and getting under Trudy’s feet. By the time they’re old enough to wean, she’ll be glad to see the back of them!

Settling for a nap.

Settling for a nap.

On the allotment front, we’ve been working away steadily stripping turf and digging over the soil some more, trying to keep ahead of the various brassicas I sowed and which are now big enough to prick out. So far I’ve transplanted the brussels sprouts, summer cabbage, palm kale and purple sprouting broccoli. Tomorrow, weather permitting, I should be able to shift two different sorts of calabrese into fresh ground.

That’ll clear the space to get some courgettes planted out!

We’re also now eating our own peas – the dwarf peas, Hatif d’Annonay, have grown enough pods for us to pick as mange tout. Delicious in stir-fries.


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