The Humane Stunner

I did say I was going to get detailed about this new gadget a few days ago.

So, here it is. It’s manufactured by BRNO Guns UK Ltd in Derbyshire and designed specifically for despatching poultry and rabbits. Under UK home slaughter regulations, it’s permissable to kill your own rabbits, on your own property, for your own household use (no trading, selling, bartering or giving away to friends!) by either breaking/dislocating the rabbit’s neck or by stunning them with a blow to the head, followed immediately by cutting an artery to bleed them out. The blow to the head can be by means of a blunt object applied to the head (a ‘priest’ or what my infant offspring once innocently referred to as ‘the rabbit whapper’, to a school teacher’s horrified incomprehension!) or by means of a humane stunner.

Stunner with biro for size comparison

Stunner with biro for size comparison

It’s not a large object, though fairly weighty in the hand due to being powered by what feels like a darn good spring! It certainly takes some positive force to cock it by pulling the knurled end out, which draws the captive bolt (the little spike on the left end) into the barrel, ready to be expelled with considerable velocity when the trigger’s depressed.

Stunner, cocked

Stunner, cocked

Once cocked, simply take the stunner in the hand, apply the blunt end gently to the bunny’s head and squeeze the trigger.

Stunner, how to use...

Stunner, how to use…

I’ve practiced on a couple of sturdy carboard boxes and they looked very satisfactorily stunned afterwards. I’d say it puts about a .22 sized hole into objects and I’m quite sure rabbits won’t find it alarming to see the thing in my hand and won’t know what hit them when it’s used, so it’ll be a very humane and clean kill indeed.

Exactly what I want.


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