Rabbits: Quick Update

Today my rabbit colony is down to just 30 individuals – Trudy’s first litter have been despatched.

They were a tad small, liveweights ranging from just over 3.5lbs to just about 4lbs, but I’ve still managed to put 2.8kg of meat in the freezer for us, plus about 12 days’ ferret food, a couple of days’ treats to liven up the dogs’ meat and 6 nice young skins in the freezer (they keep better that way until I have time to scrape them properly and tan them).

Jezebel’s 9 will be the next bunch to reach slaughter weight but not for a month or 6 weeks at least – they should be bigger than Trudy’s Rex-cross-NZW litter so I’ll be watching with interest to see how they do.

Delilah’s 9 are nearly opening their eyes now and Trudy’s 7 won’t be long either, so we might have them all peeking by the time we go away but they’ll only just be out of the nests when we get back! I’m eager to see what Trudy’s litter are like for eye colour – if the 4 pale ones are red-eyed, then I’ll know Tigger’s carrying an albino gene. I’m pretty sure they will be but the light’s too dim in the nest to be absolutely certain the kits are white and not very pale fawn.

The black ones are still very, very black – they’re going to be lovely mittens, in due course!


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