Politics and Prepping Priorities

With the referendum vote now on the doorstep (the day after tomorrow!) it’s time to look closely at what we need to prep for on Friday.

There’s a very specific risk that might possibly manifest on Friday. Voting ends at 10pm on Thursday night, the counting will be going on overnight and the Chief Counting Officer anticipates getting the final total and result out by breakfast on Friday.

And at that point, given how close the polls are indicating this vote could be, very nearly half Scotland’s population wakes up to the bitterness of defeat. Fractionally over half the population wins and starts celebrating.

Passion has been ramping up for months and whichever side loses, there’s a potential there for frustration, rage and disappointment to spill over into civil disobedience, rioting and violence.

As far as I’m concerned, once I cast my vote that is it and I have no further interest in the arguments for and against – it’s time to shut up and buckle down to living together and making the best of whatever we’ve democratically chosen to do. Living out in the sticks here and having kept my personal opinion very definitely under the radar locally, I don’t anticipate any trouble in the village here – but Sunday was the day I dropped off my daughter in the middle of Glasgow, notoriously not the most relaxed and easy-going city in the country. As a result, I’ve spent some time today quietly plotting out potential escape routes for her to use if she has to bug out hurriedly. It’s a remote possibility, given that she’s in student accomodation and both the university and the police will be wary of disturbance (in fact rumour suggests there are already reinforcements in Scottish cities from other police forces in the UK, ready for any trouble), but between friends and family members, it should be possible to navigate her safely out and into a bolthole. She knows to call me for details if she needs them and she’ll be keeping her head down over the weekend and staying out of crowds and in amiable company.

Fingers crossed the worst doesn’t happen, of course, but that’s the basis of prepping. Hope for the best, prepare for the worst. I feel a lot better knowing that if anything goes seriously amiss, I’ve got a ratline organised to get her out.

Tomorrow we’ll be topping up on animal food and milk, fill the car tanks, then we’ll be settling down to spend a nice quiet weekend keeping our noses clean. I’ll also be keeping the phone handy, since I have friends who’d appeal to me if anything kicks off in Aberdeen city.

On a more cheerful note, I now have 40 rabbits in the shed! Jezebel had another litter of 9 (or thereabouts!) on Saturday and I brought a new buck back from friends in the Borders with me on Monday – he’s only a baby but I was asked if I could put together breeding pairs of Rex and NZW for someone on the west coast so the new little fella is going along with a couple of Trudy’s kits (just weaned – I’ll get them sexed tomorrow) and one of my young NZW does. After I’ve done my civic duty and voted on Thursday morning, I’m planning on sorting out the three biggest bucks from the youngsters and weighing them – if they’re over 4lbs liveweight, they’re big enough for the freezer.

Another couple of Trudy’s kits have been requested from Orkney so once I’ve sexed them, I’ll choose which to send off. They’re a bit small to go yet but I’ll have to find a way of marking them so I can tell which is which when the time comes! Food colouring works on the white ones (a dab on the ear lasts a few days) but the black ones are a challenge.


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