28 rabbits and counting!

I woke up this morning with Jezebel’s little bunnies on my mind. The cage I moved them into yesterday wasn’t really big enough, though it was the only one free. So, this morning I’ve tidied the 9 NZWs from Delilah’s last litter into the freezer. They varied between 4 and 6 lbs liveweight, and we’ve frozen 17lbs of jointed meat, there’s a gallon and a half of stock, 2lbs of liver (pate-making tomorrow!), 1lb of kidneys and hearts (we plan a fry-up extravaganza tomorrow as well) and the dogs feasted on all the lungs along with their normal mince tonight. Jezebel’s bunch are now gallivanting around in a big cage happily and I can sleep easy again. The skins are in the freezer until I buy more alum to tan them with.

Tomorrow will also be our first venture into canning – we’re going to can some of the stock and freeze the rest. The canner was in use today purely as a pressure cooker (and only just fits on the biggest ring of the cooker!) and tomorrow will be a learning experience as well as a culinary pleasure.

So, today there’s only 28 rabbits in the shed. Hopefully that’ll come down to 24 before Trudy produces her next litter and bumps it up again!


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