Yet Another Boring Catch-up Post….

One of the things that does amuse me about being a survivalist is that you spend your time thinking about and mitigating risks that would make life exciting, as a result of which life largely just ticks quietly along. Nothing earthshattering has occurred, mutant zombies have failed to overrun the country, Ebola hasn’t quite managed to make it out of Africa (yet) and the economy is largely staggering from quiet crisis to quieter whimpering crisis in the usual manner. We have winter tyres on the cars so there isn’t even the minor excitement of a bit of wheel-spin on a frosty road to give us an adrenalin rush.

If I was feeling tin-foily, I might try to connect some dots with the revelations that the US infrastructure’s computing systems has been infiltrated by some nasty malware of suspected Russian origin, a comment made last year (I think) about the US regarding an attack on their computing systems as an act of war, the simmering civil war (with alleged Russian stirring) in the Ukraine, the price of oil, the fact that the US mid-term elections have left them with a Democrat president and a solidly Republican Houses of Congress and the odd snippet I once heard somewhere that the US president has almost no power except during times of war, when he gets a lot of powers handed to him.

If I’m going to go down that line of speculation, however, I shall end up with a spade in my hand marking out the spot to put in a bomb shelter in the garden, so instead I’ve spent the day, rather more usefully, mucking out the bunnies, sexing Jezebel’s 9 youngsters and splitting them up into boys and girls in different cages, weaning Delilah’s 6 fat fluffy kits, making sure Trudy has everything she needs for her litter (due tonight) and putting Jezebel back in with Samson to ensure we get another litter along in due course.

We’re still quietly pulling produce off the allotment and stashing it in the freezer; this week we’ve lifted most of the leeks and frozen them in batches ready to use, as we have with several more pounds of carrots and parsnips. There’s lots more carrots and parsnips to come yet, though I may declare a war on slugs soon if I find many more neatly hollowed-out swedes. The jerusalem artichokes, for reasons they haven’t chosen to share with the world, have decided to flower just as they’re dying back for the winter. Something to do with the unusually mild, warm weather, perhaps? Who knows. Once they’ve finished, I’ll dig ’em up and store them, anyway.

The allotment committee have decided that they’re going to put the rents up for the plots next year, so adding another increment to our incentive to bring vegetable production back home and out of anyone else’s control or (hopefully!) reach.


2 thoughts on “Yet Another Boring Catch-up Post….

  1. I believe you have the right idea with relaxing during the boring bits. Enjoy growing vegetables and raising rabbits. I know that sort of thing gets the stress out of my system.

    Living in the US, I have a good view of Obama on the news daily. I don’t think anyone has to worry about an intentional war brought on by him. He has little to no stomach for boots-on-the-ground style conflicts.

    Sounds like you’re a more successful gardener than I am. I keep saying, “Next year, my garden’s going to be the one I’m proud to show off.” It will likely be my New Year’s resolution again this year, too.

    • Always hard to understand politics from outside the country in question – from this side of the pond we only pick up the loudest bits of US politics.

      The thing with gardening is to enjoy the years when things go well and just console yourself for the crops that disappear down the slugs or pigeons, unexpectedly die off or just never bother coming up to begin with…. next year, it’ll be better! (Or at least different…)

      I’m still waiting for Trudy to have her litter. I’m pretty sure she’s due any second…. if she ain’t very, very close to having a big litter, she’s about to die the fattest rabbit in history!

      I’m off to enjoy another relaxing pastime – punching holes in a piece of paper from 100m away!

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