Assets or Resources

Last night’s post got me thinking about an important point in prepping, which is how you’re regarded by the rest of your community.

In principle, as a prepper you keep under the radar, you try not to let anyone know what you’ve got, let alone where you keep it, but….

Let’s be honest, unless you have no neighbours and can do all the DIY/repairs with your own hands, you have to let others into your property from time to time. The electrician knows I have rabbits for food because he saw them while fixing our electricity problem. The local feed merchants know we have rabbits, dogs, ferrets and chickens because they sell us the food (and gave us the ferrets, too…). Various friends and acquaintances know we have chickens because we’ve sold a few excess eggs to help cover feed costs along the way. The neighbours know we have veg because they can look over the fence and see them. Some of my BCUK friends know I have a snaring licence and can shoot because we’ve discussed it over the campfire, out in the woods.

So…. you can’t keep entirely “grey”. What’s the problem with this?

If the SHTF, the food distribution system fails and people start tussling over food, they may see us as a target. We have food, growing in the garden and hopping round the shed. It may boil down to “your bunnies or your life!”

Okay, unlikely perhaps – but not impossible. It’s one reason I’m very happy to sell rabbits as breeding stock – the more people out there are raising their own food, the less will be out foraging for anything moveable in a famine situation.

I want my local community to regard me as an asset, something to be protected in return for what I can give them, and not a resource to be exploited, looted bare and left whimpering in the ruins. If I ever have to follow the “traditional” US-based prepping model and bug out, I want to be regarded as an asset, not a liability, when I hook up with friends or family at some safe place far away from here (Not many things would make me bug out, tbh. Most things that could happen would make me bug in, lock the door and wait the sit-x out.) So, to some extent, it’s worth being a little less grey and allowing some people to know you have a few useful skills and knowledge to share.

In any case, you can’t really avoid them finding out.


One thought on “Assets or Resources

  1. I think it’s nearly impossible to keep your resources completely hidden. As you said, you have to purchase some things, including services to keep things running. I think this is where having good, strong ties in, and to, your community comes in handy. But, if all else fails, be prepared to protect and defend what’s yours if it comes to that.

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