Seasonal Weather….not.

You just can’t rely on the weather these days. Here we are, only a week from the whole consumerist overdose called Christmas, and we’ve had exactly one tiny snowshower (less than half an inch), two lots of hailstones and a lot of rain that turns into frost in the mornings.

My skis haven’t been out of the shed in years. The snow shovel hasn’t been out yet, the sacks of salt are untouched from last year, and we’re wearing out the winter tyres on bare tarmac.

Which is not to say that it’s been easy going on foot recently! The yaktrax are worth their weight in gold on the pavements – rain during the night followed by a brief sharp frost before dawn add up to some quite amazing sheets of black ice on the ground and having decent grip underfoot is priceless.

Now up til this year, we’ve always had the local council out gritting pavements here the moment anyone in the met office says “frost”, because at the end of our road is a semi-sheltered housing area and there are a fair number of older though still active people there who do, normally, walk to the shop or to meet their friends. This year the council hasn’t shown its face in the village and even the main bus-route through the nearby town hadn’t been gritted – which makes me wonder if they’ve run out of money or just declared war on the ‘grey vote’!

The bunnies have all accepted their litter trays now and cleaning out is accomplished in 25 minutes daily instead of an hour, plus I’m only replacing a trayful of shavings a day instead of a cageful, so it’s saving money into the bargain. The youngsters are growing like weeds again, which is reassuring, and Delilah’s gang of 6 will shortly be heading into the freezer – they’re getting big and feisty! The two young rex bucks are nearing the end of their moult so they won’t be long, either – and they’re going to be quite big!

My daughter’s home from uni on Sunday – it’ll be interesting to see how she’s changed! I just hope I still recognise her.


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