Flowers on New Year’s Day

The BBC is carrying a story tonight about the annual survey of British plants in bloom on January 1st. I’ve been vaguely aware of this survey before but I’ve never seen anything like the results they’ve had in this year. Short of hitting us on the head with a sledgehammer, could nature drop a heavier hint about climate change? Actually, now I think about it, this is hitting us on the head with a sledgehammer!

This year, 2015, saw a grand total of 358 species of flowering plant, in the UK, in flower on January 1st. That might not sound too startling…… until you find out the average number from previous years is 20 or 30!

Here’s the story. Now let’s hope that the fruit trees don’t follow suit – they could get walloped with frost in February and March (given that there’s an inch of snow here at the moment!) and wreck the 2015 fruit harvest before it even gets started.


One thought on “Flowers on New Year’s Day

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