And it’s official….

2014 was the warmest year on record, globally, according to NASA.

The BBC are reporting that 14 of the 15 warmest years on record have occurred since the turn of the century. Since we’ve only had 15 years since the turn of the century (allowing 2000 to count in there, of course) and the instrumental temperature records go back to 1880,  that’s fairly damning. (In case you’re wondering, that other ‘warmest’ year was 1998 – so not very far back!)

Couple that with the research that was published a few days ago on sea level rise trends that indicates the sea is rising 25% faster that was thought (3.2mm per year may not sound like a terrifying amount but it’s worse than the previous estimate!) and it looks like climate change is still accelerating – and the rate of acceleration is increasing.

Bad news for the kids. Not good for the rest of us, either, but we won’t have to live with the consequences for so long, since “the rest of your life” gets shorter as you get older.

If you’re planning on moving to the seaside, have a think about rising tides and storm surges – and don’t live too close to the tideline!


2 thoughts on “And it’s official….

  1. The BBC also reported that “A lot of what the EU does is about bringing people in Europe closer together.”
    That was accurate.
    They did however miss out the mass uncontrolled passage of migrant workers who flooded into the UK and caused the terrible unemployment we’ve actually got and not the reported lies that the number has fallen.

    • The trick to reading any mass media report is to find out where they got the info and read the original. Straight from the horse’s mouth, etc. All media sources are biassed in some way, or just plain don’t notice stuff – there’s still absolutely nothing on the Beeb about Russia cutting off gas supplies to Europe, for instance – overlooked as they yapped about the price of the Swiss franc, I suspect! The important thing for the discerning survivalist isn’t that they’re biassed, it’s knowing what their bias is and taking that into account.

      I’m not that chuffed about bringing people in Europe closer together, either. I’m perfectly happy to stay in my country and for them to return the favour.

      The problem with the reported figures is that since nobody has any idea how many illegal immigrants we’ve got, how can they have any idea on migration figures at all?

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