SNP – Scotland, No Privacy.

I make no apologies for this utterly political digression from climate change issues. The political situation, legal situation and other factors of the country also play a large part in the thinking of any prepper worth the name.

I dispair of the stupidity and sleep-walking acceptance of Orwellian (and draconian) government interference in private lives in this country. There was Kenny MacAskill’s lunatic plan to force air-rifle owners to register and licence their weapons (thankfully, since he was turfed out as Injustice Minister that seems to have gone on the back burner!) but there’s two more pieces of legislation that Orwell would have been proud of on the cards here at the moment.

Firstly, there’s the Named Person policy, which comes into force next year. Sounds innocuous, masquerades as ‘protection for children’ but is the slim and innocent end of a very big wedge.

In principle, it’s simple. Every child under 18 in Scotland will have a ‘named person’ responsible for their welfare. Well, heck, that’s a parent’s job, right?

Except here the word of a social worker, headteacher or doctor will overule the wishes of the parents, with legal force behind it. Merely because they think a child could be doing better, the Named Person will be able to access any relevant data on the child and his/her family (and I’ll come back to data issues in a minute!) and order changes to the way that child is raised/medicated/educated or whatever.

And how many paedophiles have been unmasked recently amongst the ranks of doctors, teachers, social workers, politicians? The very people who are now being handed ultimate authority over every child in Scotland?

Admittedly, there are some dysfunctional families and some adults with kids aren’t fit to have charge of a pushchair, let alone the contents, but the scope for abuse in this legislation is stunning. A lot of home-educating families I know in Scotland are now planning on leaving this beautiful country – not because they’re abusing their children, but because their children will automatically fall under the ‘named person’ guardianship of their local headteacher – a person manifestly unlikely to appreciate that home education will almost invariably produce a young person who is years ahead of their classroom educated ‘peers’ in every intellectual and social field you can measure. Home-ed kids learn to think for themselves, which immediately puts anyone in the government system against the concept.

And what about the ridiculous situation that 16 and 17 year olds will be able to vote in elections, but will still be ruled by a state-appointed guardian?

Yesterday a legal challenge to this policy was thrown out by a judge. The challenge was backed by a coalition of various organisations and individuals and claimed that the legislation contravened the European Convention on Human Rights (as the Guardian, indeed, suggested last year) –

No one shall be subjected to arbitrary interference with his privacy, family, home or correspondence, nor to attacks upon his honour and reputation. Everyone has the right to the protection of the law against such interference or attacks

I’m just glad my daughter (home-educated after the age of 14) is beyond getting caught up in this, as she’s now in her 20s and away at university.

The second piece of Orwellian meddling by the Scottish Government is in the field of data collection. They plan on establishing an ID database on which every citizen in Scotland will be identified by an ID number and all their data accessible via that number. Allegedly it’s ‘only’ an extension of the existing NHS central registry, which holds information on about 30% of Scotland’s population, but the SNP (does it stand for Snooping Nosy Parkers, I wonder?) wants it not only to include everyone and all their details, but to be accessible by every government agency, including the quangos such as the Cairngorms National Park Authority.

So, in theory, if you drive into the Cairngorms the CCTV will pick up your numberplate and by the time you reach the visitor centre the staff will know your name, address, date of birth, whether your Council Tax is up to date and when you last had a flu jab.

Why do people continue to vote for these intrusive, controlling meglomaniacs? Could it be because the education system teaches them not to read, write, and certainly not to think?

Just imagine what would have happened if the referendum had gone the other way last September. By now, the signs on the border would read: Welcome to Independent Scotland. No knives, no guns, no kids, no privacy, no land ownership, no freedom. Have a nice day.


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