State Ownership of Scottish Children to Start before Birth!!

Another unashamed delve into the filth and social control that is Scottish Politics.

Some time ago I mentioned the Named Person policy here, whereby all children born or resident in Scotland will be under the guardianship of a State employee until they’re 18, regardless of their parents’ wishes. Today it’s come to light that the guidelines on instituting this process have taken the Big Brother even further. Now the Named Person job starts at 7 months of pregnancy!

So, if you planned on anything a bit different for your child’s birth, or had strong feelings about vaccinations, or, when you get down to it, thought that it was “your” child to begin with…. now you know. It’s not. It’s only your foetus until 7 months, then wave goodbye to freedom, some State appointed busybody can tell you what to do with yourself from then on. Presumably they’ll move in and do the cooking after the birth so you’re eating the right diet while breastfeeding, too.

For crying out loud, SNP, George Orwell was writing a satirical novel, not a  manifesto!


2 thoughts on “State Ownership of Scottish Children to Start before Birth!!

  1. The UK nanny state takes on a new meaning!
    Old tired defunct systems of government with nothing new or sensible coming out of their mouths both North and South of the borders, just total B.S.
    And to think, in May you all get a chance to renew your acceptance of their methods.
    Except I don’t accept it and won’t be voting because whoever gets in will still churn out the same BS only wearing a different colored tie.

    • The General Election in May 2015 only covers Westminster – we have to wait until 2016 to do anything for the Scottish Parliament. It’s long since reached the point where I can’t tell the difference between the various parties – I suspect most people can’t and it’s a popularity contest based on what colour you prefer! The trouble is, what’s the alternative? Bloody revolution? Not particularly something I want to see! And how, anyway? They’ve disarmed and brainwashed the population. And with TTIP on the horizon, it’ll soon be rule by US corporation and not even the currrent dysfunctional attempt at democracy.

      All hail Monsanto and GlaxoSmithKline, owners of the world.

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