The Empty Nest

Well, Trudy’s let me down. An empty nest, and this morning when I put her on the floor with Silver, her behaviour can only be described as unco-operative! She ran around the floor, she growled at him, she even head-butted him in the ribs. At the point where she started trying to jump up the walls rather than share the floor with him, I retrieved her from a novel position, clinging limpet-like to Delilah’s cage door some 3 feet off the ground and put her back in the cage.

I’ll see how she feels in a day or two. Doe rabbits do have a 14-days-yes-please and 2-days-no-thanks cycle so maybe that’s what the problem is. Either that or suddenly she’s racist about grey rabbits!


And another round-up post….

Having enjoyed a very pleasant week visiting friends in the Northern Isles, doing a little .22 shooting on their range, spending a day afloat on Scapa Flow, a little gentle hiking and generally unwinding and relaxing, I’m back and caught up on things around house and garden again.

The bunnies are all fine, and Trudy was handed a nestbox last night. She’s an experienced mum so she hopped nonchalently into it, inspected it briefly, then went back to the hayrack. This morning there’s a little white fur randomly dumped in the bottom of it, which bodes well – hopefully Sunday she’ll fill it up properly with loads of luscious fur and pop her kits in it. These will be Silver’s first offspring, so I’m hoping all’s good!

Nothing I can do about it if otherwise, of course.

I think one of the frogs is out and about, there’s a suspiciously frog-like surreptitious submerging movement in one of the ponds from time to time, but I haven’t managed to spot the critter yet. No sign of the toad yet but then toads are like that.

I’ve had the mandatory inspection visit from the FLO (firearms licensing officer) and convinced him I’m a normal, sane, non-dangerous member of society, so a few more clay-shooting lessons and a bit more storage space and he’ll sign off on my application for FAC and SGC. I had an ammunition reloading lesson from one of the other club members yesterday – it seems basically a simple process, though requiring attention to detail, a methodical approach and a calm state of mind, so that’s another small brick of knowledge added to my enjoyment of a fascinating hobby. There’s a pre-season friendly competition on Sunday and I’ve been offered the loan of rifle and revolver so I can take part – I’m looking forward to it!

One of our chickens (we’re not sure which) has discovered that eggs are edible, nay delicious, so we’re taking steps to discourage the pastime. We’ve darkened the nestbox, presented them with a boobytrapped egg (two halves of an eggshell glued back together around a mix of chilli powder, garlic powder, curry powder and mustard powder) in the hope of giving the culprit a nasty surprise, and also put two “fake” eggs in the nestbox. They’re very realistic-looking but made of rubber, so any probing beak should bounce off unrewarded. So far, it’s working – we haven’t lost any more eggs since we bombarded them with this raft of remedies.

Fingers crossed the fix lasts – otherwise the only solution is to find out which one it is and wring her neck.

Apart from that, the weather is warming up, the wind has dropped (for now) and the spuds are chitting nicely. Further updates as and when!