And the last of the Rabbits!

Not for all time, merely the last due litter at the moment! Ivory has had about half a dozen or so, perfectly competently, in a properly-built nest. Considering she and Ebony are litter-sisters, you’d think they’d be equally good (or bad) mothers, but no….

I shouldn’t do Ebony down, she does seem to have the hang of it now and her remaining kits look healthy and wriggly.

Jezebel managed to lose a couple in the night, allowed them to fall out of the nest and die of exposure, but Trudy’s keeping hers well down in the nest and they’re growing nicely.

Yesterday was the annual vet-trip for Feisty Ferret, she’s come into season and needed her hormone jab to bring her out again. Ferrets are photoperiodic induced ovulators – meaning they come into season due to increasing light levels, and don’t come out again until after they’ve mated. A jill ferret left in season too long can develop leukemia and all sorts of unpleasant infections and I don’t want to breed baby ferrets, so every spring¬†Feisty gets hauled to the vet and stabbed with the appropriate dose of hormones. She’ll start moulting in the next week or so and get into her nice, short summer coat again.


The Ferret Palace

Yesterday’s weather was unhelpful, to put it mildly, so today saw the finishing-off of the new ferret run. We’ve nicknamed it the Ferret Palace.

The Ferret Palace - all the way to the wall

The Ferret Palace – all the way to the wall

It certainly gives them a lot more space to scamper about in! Attractively roofed in a medley of old feed sacks and compost sacks to keep the weather off, there are in fact two padlocked hatches under the sacks, so I can get into any part of the run easily for cleaning out, toy-replacement or whatever.

Loony discovering that there is a floor...

Loony discovering that there is a floor…

The end nearest the back door of the house has a couple of inches of wood shavings down to cushion the wire floor, for the sake of small furry feet, and I’ve put some old clay drainpipe sections in there. The ferrets adore playing tag in, through, round, under and over these!

Fursty having a quick wash-and-brush-up

Fursty having a quick wash-and-brush-up

In the middle is their old hutch, which is a sturdy, weatherproof construction that’s good for years yet. To give some idea of scale, it’s nearly 3 feet long and 18 inches deep. Since this sits opposite the conservatory doors, we can now watch the ferrets playing from the comfort of the inside of the house without needing to crane our necks!

Central hutch

Central hutch

At the far end is another run filled to the brim with fresh straw, hugely popular for tunnelling, rustling, ambushing each other and probably for nesting in and impromptu napping, which is something ferrets are very good at.

The Straw Run

The Straw Run

So, that was today’s job and I’m glad it’s done – I can go off to Orkney now with a clear conscience, knowing the ferrets have plenty of secure space to bounce around in!